A Leading Provider of Outstanding Oilfield Services

Aerion has earned an excellent reputation as a leading provider of oilfield services including fluid and waste management, solids control, and surface rentals. Combining top-quality equipment and highly skilled personnel, we provide prompt on-site service, support and proactive solutions to a wide range of oil and gas providers across much of the United States – including every major onshore shale play in the country.

The entire Aerion team is dedicated to working harder for our customers to provide exemplary service. We strive to find innovative, effective solutions that increase efficiency and save our customers time and money – while also upholding the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility. In addition, we offer a level of customer service that sets us apart as true partners with our customers – rather than just service providers. At Aerion, our team is willing to do anything that we can to help our customers better plan and manage their projects.


Customers across the country have come to rely upon Aerion to provide professional, safe and cost-effective oilfield services wherever and whenever needed. We invite you to contact us today to find out how our full range of oilfield services can improve your operations.