Proactive Fluid Solutions that Deliver Results

Aerion is on the leading edge of fluid and waste management – offering a wide range of effective oilfield services, top-quality equipment and highly skilled personnel. We are dedicated to providing proactive fluid solutions by preventing problems rather than reacting to them. Our experienced professionals can show customers different and better ways to handle fluid and waste management – thus increasing efficiency and production while saving you time and money. Our services are also focused on optimizing mechanical efficiency, increasing drilling fluid life cycle and operational performance, and reducing NPT affiliated with solids control inefficiency.

Our range of services includes full closed-loop packages from high-volume dewatering to high-volume barite recovery. In addition, our technical experts can provide performance-tracking values and strategic efficiency monitoring including particle size analysis. Our equipment is of the highest quality and includes everything from tank systems to inverted management stands, strip tanks, centrifuges, centrifuge stands, flowline and drying shakers, dewatering units, cuttings boxes and more. Our highly trained and certified supervisors, service technicians and equipment operators possess in-depth knowledge of all equipment and procedures, along with extensive experience working under a variety of challenging conditions.

Closed-loop System
Our closed-loop systems are proven to reduce overall well costs through the efficient removal of drilled solids while minimizing the loss of drilling fluids – while also offering environmental and economical advantages including:

Serving all major onshore plays in the United States, as well as the Gulf of Mexico, Aerion provides fluid and waste management solutions designed to optimize drilling efficiencies by reducing fluid losses, HSE impact and costs. We have the proven personnel, equipment and technology to handle every aspect of fluid and waste management – anywhere and anytime.

Driven by Data and Results

At Aerion our approach to fluid and waste management combines equipment, labor and results. We do much more than provide equipment – we are also involved in setup, preventive maintenance and working to improve each customer’s operations. Our team will evaluate your entire operation and make suggestions to improve production as well as your operations in general. The fact is that our fluid and waste management services have been proven to save customers “days on well” – and unlike most of our competitors, we provide hard data to illustrate exactly how we will achieve these results.

We Deliver Proof – Not Projections

We provide proven results using invoices to show cost savings – while most of our competitors only make projections that sometimes prove inaccurate. We provide real-time results that are tracked. We also utilize case histories to show exactly how we have helped other customers improve efficiency and save money. We deliver tangible proof that our customers can save significant money in the long run by taking an overall view and making a long-term investment in Aerion’s equipment and services.

Our Reports Show You Hard Results

One of the key advantages we offer is the comprehensive reporting of results to each customer. Our reporting system provides continuous updates including daily well reports, progress reports and quarterly reports. The end result is that our extensive reporting will provide concrete proof of increased efficiency and cost savings.

Powerful Technology – Proven Results

Aerion also offers a modern lab facility that utilizes the latest technology to help increase productivity and prevent problems – while also providing proven results. You can learn more about our lab facility here.

We invite you to contact us today to find out how our fluid and waste management services can improve your operations.

Our  Philosopy – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

At Aerion we apply a fluid and waste management philosophy focused on reducing waste streams, while also reusing and recycling materials whenever possible. Our “reduce, reuse and recycle” philosophy is part of our commitment to environmental responsibility – with the added benefit of increasing cost savings for our customers.

Utilizing Fluid Recovery & Mechanical Efficiency

In most instances, the aggregate volume of wastes will generally be ten to fifteen times the overall volume of the hole drilled – with the exception of cuttings volume, which will always equal the volume of the hole drilled. While cuttings volume cannot be reduced, all other waste streams can be lessened through proper application of the Aerion fluid and waste management philosophy.

At Aerion, we are dedicated to training our personnel and educating our customers about the advantages of embracing new practices. We are constantly working to develop new and better ways to reduce, reuse and recycle for the benefit of our customers, our industry and the environment.



Customers across the country have come to rely upon Aerion to provide professional, safe and cost-effective oilfield services wherever and whenever needed. We invite you to contact us today to find out how our full range of oilfield services can improve your operations.