Oilfield Fluid & Waste Management Services

Aerion has built a reputation as a top service provider in oilfield equipment through customizing our inventory and personnel training to meet the specific challenges faced by our customers. Whether it be climate, location, local labor deficiencies, or other conditions, Aerion takes an aggressively innovative approach to ensure that we meet the demands of each individual job. We are dedicated to improving efficiency, reducing costs, and mitigating the environmental footprint of oil and gas exploration and production. With locations in Arkansas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wyoming, we have earned our experitise servicing the Marcellus, Haynesville, Eagle Ford, Barnett, Fayetteville, and Niobrara shales.

Our portfolio of the latest solids control equipment is designed to optimize drilling efficiencies by reducing fluid losses, HSE impact, and costs. Aerion's closed-loop process improves drilling rates and reduces costs through the efficient removal of drilled solids.

To complete the rig package,we provide a complete line of rig vacs, pressure washers, and soap that help minimize considerably the environmental footprint of your operation.

No matter what your application, Aerion has your solution.