Powerful Technology – Proven Results

Aerion’s modern lab facility utilizes the latest technology in the oilfield services industry to help increase productivity and prevent problems – while also providing proven results. Combining powerful technology with highly skilled technical experts, we offer equipment and facilities including a Mud Lab and MicroTrac PSA machines to provide comprehensive testing and analysis of drilling fluids. This allows us to provide customers with critical performance-tracking values and strategic efficiency monitoring. From field testing to in-depth lab analysis, we have the resources and personnel to prevent problems and increase the efficiency of your drilling operations.

Mud Lab

Our Mud Lab utilizes a comprehensive array of advanced mud testing equipment to analyze the drilling fluids being utilized on your site. By determining whether or not the mud is performing properly, we are able to make adjustments and prevent potential problems – thus saving significant costs.


MicroTrac is one of the most advanced and dependable Particle Size Analysis (PSA) systems in the industry. This technology utilizes laser diffraction to provide particle size analysis and particle characteristics – allowing us to thoroughly analyze the solids in drilling fluids. This allows us to determine whether problems stem from either the mud or the equipment. This information is crucial in preventing problems and determining whether equipment can be fixed or must be replaced.

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