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At Aerion we are committed to providing cutting-edge equipment that is the best our industry has to offer. To that end, our engineers periodically retool our equipment to make it better, stronger and specifically suited to the job sites and geographical areas we serve. Our highly skilled R&D team continuously develops our own equipment while also working with partner companies to develop new technology and systems. In addition, we are dedicated to working safely at all times — and as such, our equipment is fully tested to ensure that all safety requirements and standards are met. Safe, reliable, durable and efficient – these are the qualities that you can count on with surface rentals from Aerion.

Aerion has earned an outstanding reputation as a leading provider of surface rentals to drilling rigs at shale plays across the country including Eaglebine, Eagle Ford, Utica, Bakken and Marcellus. Featuring top-quality equipment and highly skilled personnel, we deliver solutions that preempt setbacks — thus saving you time and money.

The Aerion Advantage

Fueled By Service

While Aerion offers a wide range of equipment to help complete your job efficiently and successfully, what truly sets our company apart is the unsurpassed level of service that we deliver. Our equipment is not only well maintained, our personnel will visit your rig once per week to perform maintenance inspections— free of charge. These weekly inspections are part of our commitment to providing proactive solutions by preventing equipment problems before they happen. And if a problem does occur, we offer 24/7 support year-round — responding quickly and reliably. In addition, our service personnel are highly trained, experienced and dedicated to getting your equipment up and running as quickly as possible. Setting the highest standard in the industry, Aerion delivers a level of surface rental service that no other company can match.

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Customers across the country have come to rely upon Aerion to provide professional, safe and cost-effective oilfield services wherever and whenever needed. We invite you to contact us today to find out how our full range of oilfield services can improve your operations.