Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, Aerion has earned an outstanding reputation as a leading provider of fluid and waste management, completion services and equipment rentals for the oil & gas industry. With locations in Louisiana, Ohio, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Texas – Aerion provides prompt on-site service and support to a wide range of oil & gas companies across much of the United States 

Aerion was founded by a group of business professionals who share the vision of providing proactive fluid solutions by preventing problems rather than reacting to them. They don’t wait for the answer – they deliver the solution. It is this proactive philosophy that has established Aerion as a leader in their industry.

In fact, Aerion has developed a code of standards that sets them apart from the competition. Their standard is excellence and they accept no substitute. From their administrators to their field operators, the entire Aerion team works harder for their customers to provide exemplary service. Aerion has also raised the bar for innovation and believe there is always a better way – and they promise to find it. Their safety philosophy transcends simple compliance, rising to the highest level possible. Their employees exemplify professionalism at every level – and are the personification of the company’s code of standards. And their business integrity also rises to a higher level in that Aerion adheres to sound and ethical business practices, always.

Aerion is on the leading edge of fluid and waste management – offering a range of services including full closed-loop packages from high volume dewatering to high volume barite recovery. The company’s highly trained and certified field supervisors, service technicians and equipment operators possess in-depth knowledge of all equipment and procedures, along with extensive experience working under a variety of challenging conditions. In addition, their fluid and waste management solutions are designed to optimize drilling efficiencies by reducing fluid losses, HSE impact and costs. Aerion’s in-house technical experts can also offer performance tracking values and strategic efficiency monitoring, which includes particle size analysis through state-of-the-art laser diffraction. These services are offered to Aerion customers in order to take a proactive approach to not only handling their fluid and waste – but also improving the customer’s efficiency down hole. The bottom line is that Aerion has the proven personnel and reliable equipment to handle every aspect of fluid and waste management for its customers – anywhere and anytime.

Completion services is another area of expertise at Aerion. This company offers the most efficient and dependable frac water heaters in the industry. Their top quality equipment has been designed and retooled by Aerion engineers to fit the special needs of job sites in the areas they serve – helping to ensure that problems are preempted and projects run more smoothly.

When it comes to rental equipment, Aerion provides customers with the highest quality tools and machinery available in the oil & gas industry. From rig vacs to screen cleaners and much more – they have all the equipment needed to successfully complete virtually any project. Aerion’s highly skilled service technicians provide on-site service and support 24/7 – every day of the year.

Aerion has also made a strong commitment to be safety conscious at all times. Their team of field supervisors, technicians, engineers and support personnel maintains the most stringent safety requirements set forth by the oil & gas industry to ensure maximum safety for their employees, their customers and the environment. In addition, Aerion’s equipment and procedures are designed to lower each customer’s footprint on the environment – which translates to the lowest possible compliance and regulatory risks for their clients.

Aerion is committed to delivering customized services, the latest equipment and innovative, effective solutions that increase both operational efficiencies and their customers’ profit margins. Aerion believes that success comes from transparent client and vendor partnerships that are grounded in collaboration, trust, open dialogue and mutual respect. As such, this company is relentless in their commitment to doing the job right the first time for each and every customer 

Aerion invites customers to call 866-663-6894 to discover firsthand how they can provide oil & gas companies with proactive fluid solutions.


Customers across the country have come to rely upon Aerion to provide professional, safe and cost-effective oilfield services wherever and whenever needed. We invite you to contact us today to find out how our full range of oilfield services can improvie your operations