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In the wake of strict waste disposal regulations and increasingly stiff competition in the energy sector, there is a need for every company to re-examine its waste management strategies. The prevailing circumstances are demanding efficiency, sustainability and cost-cutting strategies from every oil and gas company that eyes longtime survival. Through many years of industry research and experience, Aerion has come up with proven cost-cutting plans through efficient fluid and waste management.

The case for proof

Projections can be exaggerated or inaccurate, but tangible results are plain, straightforward and incorruptible. We have developed systems that enable monitoring and tracking of real-time performance with hard data to illustrate our strategies for achieving these results. Our services are focused on optimizing mechanical efficiency, increasing drilling fluid life cycle and operational performance. Being involved in setup, testing and monitoring, preventative maintenance and ongoing work allows our team of experienced professionals to provide recommendations for better handling fluid and waste management, helping our clients measure and increase efficiency and production while saving time and money.

Our value for data and results

What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to provide detailed reports to show how we achieve our results. With that said, measurement, data collection, monitoring, tracking, testing, service and assessment are at the core of our operations. At Aerion, we combine labor, equipment and results by sending our trained personnel to help you achieve optimum performance. While onsite, our staff will also collect the data necessary to evaluate the performance of the equipment and make recommendations on how to improve its efficiency.

To ensure the data we collect is comprehensive and reliable, we employ numerous strategies. Some of these strategies include:

Tracking waste — The famous saying that “you cannot manage what you cannot measure” applies in fluid and waste management. Before anything, we segment the waste produced by shakers and centrifuges for easier measurement and disposal. After segmenting the waste, we measure the quantities and record the data. Measuring the waste generated after every stage of our waste management process helps us track our progress.

Using of up-to-date technology — Aerion has a lab facility for field testing and analysis. The laboratory is equipped with the most advanced technologies to provide our customers with reliable performance-tracking and efficiency monitoring progress reports. Some of the technologies available at our laboratory include:

  1. 1. Mud Lab — This is a set of equipment is used to analyze drilling fluids to determine whether the mud is performing efficiently.
  2. 2. MicroTrac — This technology has taken particle size analysis in the energy industry to the next level. Unlike, previous technologies, MicroTrac uses laser diffraction techniques to examine the particle characteristics of drilling fluids. The end result of the adoption of this technology is a more thorough analysis of solids and equipment performance, as well as the solids present in drilling fluids.

Extensive reporting — We send our technicians to the field to collect comprehensive data. Our expert technicians then provide continuous updates through daily reports and, when required, send samples to the Aerion Laboratory for scheduled analysis.

How we utilize data

Without a professional analysis of the data collected, it would be difficult to establish the effectiveness of our waste management solutions. Therefore, after receiving the data, our analysts and field technicians meet to determine the efficiency and changes required for optimum adjustments. The analysts follow-up to establish whether the recommendations are successful.

Driven by Data and Results

Aerion provides proven waste management and fluids processing solutions. At the core of our solutions is the commitment to increase efficiency and to cut operational costs for companies in the oil and gas industry.

We are committed to helping our clients:

To find out how your company can benefit from our fluid and waste management services, contact us today.

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